Can I clear native vegetation for ecological restoration?

You can clear vegetation to conserve, manage or restore native species, native vegetation or ecological processes.

'Ecological processes' can include clearing to provide access for ecological work, grazing to reduce weeds and improve native understorey diversity, and clearing of species that are dominating landscapes to the detriment of other native species.

What can I clear?

You can clear vegetation provided it does not cause permanent degradation or loss of native vegetation.

Does this include land under Heritage or Management Agreement?

Yes you can clear for this purpose on Heritage Agreement or Management Agreement land.

Do I need approval?

Yes you need to get a Management Plan approved by the Native Vegetation Council (NVC).

What do I have to do?


You are not permitted to clear for this activity if you are undertaking clearing that will permanently remove or degrade native vegetation (including residual adverse impacts) – if this is the case you will need to submit a clearance application under the Native Vegetation Act 1991.

What if my activity doesn't fit this description?

If your proposed clearance does not meet the requirements of this regulation, or another regulation, you can submit a clearance application under Section 28 of the Native Vegetation Act 1991.


Native Vegetation Branch.