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Flows and daily water levels

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River Murray current and estimated water levels

View the following current and forecast water levels at monitored sites between Lock 6 and Lake Alexandrina, including:

  • normal water level, or ‘pool’ level
  • current water level, recorded daily
  • estimated peak water level and timing
  • 1974 flood water level – about 182 GL/day
  • modelled water level at 200 GL/day
  • 1931 flood water level – about 210 GL/day
  • modelled water level at 220 GL/day.

This information is updated daily.

Note: it is possible that the flood this year will look different to pictures from the past, even with similar flows. This is due to changes in the river channel and floodplain, vegetation, new infrastructure like roads and levees, and weather conditions.

Latest flood information

The latest information about water levels, flow rates, barrage operations and navigation issues are available via the weekly River Murray Flow Report, including the High Flow Advice.

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For a list of current warnings with near real-time information on current SA SES warnings, incidents and when available, locations to collect sandbags, visit the SES website. Find out more about River Murray high flows from the SA SES.

To stay informed of changing weather conditions, visit the BOM website.