To achieve long-term sustainability, it’s vital that people who care about the floodplain including those that enjoy recreational activities and live and work near the Chowilla Floodplain Icon Site help shape the ways in which the region is rehabilitated.

The Chowilla Floodplain Community Reference Committee was formed in 2005 and provides important input and advice into management of the icon site and provides valuable links to the wider community.

Icon site staff at the department also work closely with Renmark Paringa Landcare to share information about the icon site management across the local community.

The highly successful Twilight Tour of Chowilla is organised each year by Renmark Paringa Landcare with the department's icon site staff and provides a great opportunity for the local community to view progress at Chowilla first hand.

Traditional Owners

The First Peoples of the River Murray and Mallee region are the Traditional Owners and recognised native title holders in the Riverland. The River Murray and Mallee Aboriginal Corporation (RMMAC) and DEWNR have established the First Peoples NRM Working Group to facilitate greater involvement of First Peoples in the department's projects.

The First Peoples NRM Working Group plays a key role in building and maintaining a positive relationship with the traditional owners in our region. This includes seeking input on various aspects of The Living Murray (TLM) program, including water for the environment priorities, the ongoing development of an operations plan for the regulator, and communication and engagement activities.

The First Peoples Working Group has worked with the department to coordinate several tours of Chowilla with the broader First Peoples community. The tours are well supported and provide valuable information sharing opportunities for TLM staff and the First Peoples. TLM contributes part funding for the employment of the First Peoples Coordinator who works closely with TLM staff to undertake this work.

Educational resources

Natural Resources SA Murray-Darling Basin Education provides a number of free programs and other resources to schools throughout the SA Murray-Darling Basin region.

The Murray-Darling Basin Authority has a range of resources available, including lesson plans and worksheets for teachers.