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Hazard management

The Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) has been appointed as the Hazard Leader for the two state hazards of flood and riverbank collapse as part of the State Emergency Management Plan.

As a Hazard Leader, DEWNR leads and coordinates activities that help South Australia prepare for, manage and respond to such natural disasters. 

Flood hazard

DEWNR is currently undertaking a number of activities to assess the state’s risk of flood. These include:

  • coordinating information about flood that enables emergency response agencies to plan and implement operational activities in emergency flood events
  • collating flood maps from across metropolitan and rural areas of South Australia to assist the public with learning about their flood risk 
  • undertaking risk assessments to identify the priority flood risks the state
  • providing flood warnings for the River Murray in South Australia and advice to the community and emergency managers on River Murray flood risk
  • working with the State Emergency Service to provide information for community education programs for flood hazard
  • working with a range of government agencies, councils and other stakeholders to improve flood management in areas such as flood warning, land use planning, community awareness, mitigation and emergency management. 

To find out your area’s risk of flood refer to the Flood Awareness Map. The map also allows you to:

  • access relevant flood information to inform you about flood risks
  • easily search for existing flood risks in your area
  • obtain more information about flood risks in your area.

Riverbank collapse hazard 

Riverbank collapse arose in 2008 due to unprecedented low water levels in the lower River Murray below Lock 1 (Blanchetown) to Wellington.  There have been no reported incidents of riverbank collapse since early 2011.

In March 2015 DEWNR reviewed the risks associated with riverbank collapse.   

As a result of that review, Riverbank collapse is no longer listed as a state hazard and local councils are now responsible for managing the issue.

DEWNR has provided information to relevant councils regarding the specific sites that were affected by riverbank collapse between 2008 and 2011.

DEWNR will continue to monitor water levels in the River Murray and will advise councils of any concerns relevant to riverbank collapse risks.

Anyone with concerns or enquiries about riverbank instability should contact their local council.

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