There are a range of National Parks, Conservation Parks and Game Reserves surrounding the River Murray, offering activities such as hiking, birdwatching, canoeing and camping along the river.

These include:

  • River Murray National Park, an ideal place for bird watching with the Katarapko area an important breeding site for native wildlife, including waterbirds
  • Chowilla Game Reserve and Regional Reserve, with walking trails that wind through majestic river red gum and hardy black box and canoe trails to explore the winding waterways
  • Coorong National Park, a wetland of international significance and enormous cultural importance to the Ngarrindjeri people, with scenic campgrounds located on both sides of the lagoon - please note, campsites must be booked online before arrival.

Many national parks have recently been partially or fully closed as a result of the high flows taking place in South Australia. Please check the national parks website for up to date closure information.

Murray River and Coorong