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Water resources

South Australia has a wide range of water sources that are used to supply water.

Groundwater and surface water (water from dams, streams, rivers and reservoirs) provide most of the water used across South Australia.

We have also diversified our sources of water. In many parts of South Australia, water recycling and stormwater capture and reuse are helping provide additional water for irrigating crops, parks and gardens.

Desalinated water is another important source. In metropolitan Adelaide, the Adelaide Desalination Plant has been producing drinking water since late 2011. Additional desalination plants are located across South Australia to provide drinking water to regional communities.

We manage these water resources carefully so they continue to support our economy, communities and our environment. As a state, we have maintained good water use habits by reducing our per capita water intake with daily water saving measures – water use has not significantly increased since water restrictions were lifted in late 2010.

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