The River Murray is home to some of Australia’s most amazing plants and animals. Some of them are only found in particular sections of the river. Others travel thousands of kilometres across the world each year to breed and feed along the river and in the wetlands.

Next time you’re visiting the river, perhaps you’d like to see how many of these you can spot? Remember to always be considerate and respectful when observing animals.

Many of these plants and animals are threatened or endangered. There are lots of projects underway to help them survive, such as monitoring and delivering water for the environment.

Ramsar Wetlands

There are two wetlands located on the River Murray in South Australia that have been listed as Wetlands of International Importance under the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands in 1985.

One is the Riverland Ramsar Site located between Renmark and the Victorian and News South Wales border.

The other is the Coorong and Lakes Albert and Alexandrina wetland Ramsar site, located at the lower end of the river where it reaches the Southern Ocean.

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