From the earliest drainage schemes in the South East, the call for drainage development has come from regional interests – land developers (farmers) seeking to dewater fertile land for the purposes of agricultural development, and communities seeking to improve access and communications across the region.

Similarly the Governments of the day in addition to encouraging development and providing regional services, had secondary motives to enable Crown land to be sold and for land to be made available for post-war soldier and migrant settlement. Both government and landholders have benefited from the opening of the land across the region and have historically contributed funding to the development, maintenance and operation of the regional drainage network.

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South Eastern Water Conservation and Drainage Board 85th Anniversary

To celebrate the 85th Anniversary of the South Eastern Water Conservation and Drainage Board (SEWCDB) this short video showcases the proud history of the drainage system in the South East of South Australia. It also provides valuable insight into the diverse operations, maintenance, capital works and administrative activities undertaken by the Drainage Operations team and the SEWCDB to meet the environmental and agricultural objectives of the drainage system. Enjoy this glimpse into the unique and vibrant landscapes of the South East.

Celebrating the South Eastern Water Conservation and Drainage Board