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Strategic Water Information Management System project

Accessing the state’s water data will soon become easier with an upgrade to how water resource data is managed and distributed in South Australia.

The existing water information system (which includes two separate databases and is available through WaterConnect) was commissioned 25 years ago and has since been modified significantly to respond to the growth and increasing complexity of water data and its uses.

This system will soon be replaced by one database (known as the Strategic Water Information Management System - SWIMS) which will provide:

  • access to the entire water dataset that the department has available (in line with the Premier’s commitment to Open Data)
  • faster access to real-time data (get data within minutes of it being inputed into the system)
  • easier access to data on mobile devices
  • data targeted to specific date ranges.

The new SWIMS database is expected to be completed by mid-2018 and will be available through WaterConnect.

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