Coorong and Lower Lakes at risk

The Coorong and Lower Lakes region is internationally recognised as one of Australia’s most important wetlands. It is home to many rare native plants, fish, birds and other animals.

A number of aquatic pests and weeds have been identified as potential threats to the region. Invasive pests can destroy native wetlands and waterways, harming habitats and putting native wildlife at risk.

Early detection of invasive pests and weeds is the best way to control or eradicate them before they can establish themselves and impact on the environment, agriculture and the economy.

The local community can help prevent the spread of invasive pests across the region by keeping a look out for potential threats and reporting any possible sightings straight away.

What to do if you find a pest or weed

If you find a suspicious animal or weed in a waterway, you should:

  • record its location (GPS)
  • report aquatic pests to the 24 hour FISHWATCH hotline on 1800 065 522
  • report aquatic weeds to Emergency Plant Pests on 1800 084 881.

Potential threats