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How to access mywater

Request a mywater login

If you hold a water instrument (licence, approval or permit) in South Australia, or you want to transact on behalf of a person or organisation that holds a water instrument, you can now request a mywater login so that you can manage your water activities online.

You can also request a mywater login if you would like to apply for water related permits (e.g., water affecting activity permits or well construction permits) online in future.

Before requesting a mywater login, we recommend you review the relevant fact sheets appropriate to your situation:

A mywater login enables the person with a login to apply to deal with water instruments and water rights recorded in the Water Register, collectively valued at over $8 billion. Maintaining the accuracy and integrity of the Water Register is critical.

The Department for Environment and Water therefore requires all persons who request a mywater login to go through an identity assurance process. This will help the department to ensure that only holders and/or their authorised agents or representatives are permitted to apply to deal with the water instruments and water rights recorded in the Water Register, via mywater.

Why get a mywater login?

  • Convenience and Efficiency: Water users can manage all of their licenced water instruments and water-related permits conveniently online via a single login to mywater.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Water users can login to mywater at any time to view their water entitlements and allocations, monitor their water accounts (actual water usage) and track online application status.
    • Better Data for Better Decision Making: Farmers and industry gain visibility of water instruments and water account balances, enabling informed decision-making and greater operational certainty.
  • Tightened Controls: Users can exercise greater control over representation and transactions related to their water instruments.
  • Email Notifications: Users can opt to receive all Water Licensing notifications via email.

Authority to Grant Access Forms

mywater Contact Centre

Phone: 08 7133 7333 during business hours.

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