Here’s a snapshot of what’s happening at the Lower Lakes, Coorong and Murray Mouth Icon Site.

Barrage fishways

Find out about the Barrage fishways project.

Surface water monitoring stations

Data from the permanent monitoring stations in the Lower Lakes and Coorong is available on WaterConnect. New stations have been installed in the Finniss River and Currency Creek, and upgrades including the addition of pH, turbidity and wind sensors have been made to existing monitoring stations.

Monitoring projects

Various monitoring projects are funded through The Living Murray Icon Site Management program. Funding is sourced from the Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA). Monitoring methodologies are outlined in the LLCMM Icon Site Condition Monitoring Plan. The MDBA further explains how environmental monitoring is taking place at all of The Living Murray icon sites.

The findings from the 2012-13 monitoring reports are summarised in the LLCMM Icon Site Synthesis Report 2012-13. The report includes a discussion of whether the targets specified in the LLCMM Icon Site Condition Monitoring Plan have been achieved in 2012-13, and the environmental conditions at the site.

Past monitoring reports are available on request.

Condition monitoring parameter

Service provider


Lower Lakes threatened fish monitoring

The University of Adelaide

November and March

Coorong and Lower Lakes bird census and habitat analysis

The University of Adelaide


Lower Lakes aquatic vegetation monitoring

SARDI Aquatic Sciences

October and April

Lower Lakes monthly bird monitoring

Coorong Nature Tours

Monthly; ongoing

Coorong and Lower Lakes benthic invertebrate/mudflat monitoring

Flinders University


Coorong commercial fish monitoring

SARDI Aquatic Sciences