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mywater Contact Centre

Need help with mywater?

The mywater Contact Centre is comprised of Water Licencing staff from around South Australia. Our team has been set up to help you to learn to use mywater.

The mywater Contact Centre team can help with questions about:

  • the Water Register.
  • mywater and how it can make a difference to your business.
  • how to request a mywater login.
  • how to set up your team or business to make the most of mywater.

If you are an existing instrument holder (or have done business with us previously), we will not be able to activate your mywater login until you have spoken to our mywater Contact Centre team. The mywater Contact Centre team will ask you a few questions to assure that you are the rightful owner, or authorised representative of the rightful owner, of the licences and permits that will be linked to your mywater login. This helps to ensure the security of your instruments and also helps us to ensure that your user profile is set up right from the start – so you can see all the licences, approvals and permits you hold (or manage) when you login for the first time.

If you are not an existing instrument holder, the mywater Contact Centre will review your request for a mywater login and, in most cases, activate your login within 48 hours. If we identify any issues when we undertake a due diligence review of your request and our records, the mywater Contact Centre team will contact you directly to assist you to complete the set-up of your mywater user profile. Your login will then be activated.

Once your mywater login has been activated by our mywater Contact Centre team, you will be notified by email that your login is ready for use. Remember to keep track of the username and password you choose when you request your login, you will need this to access mywater after we have activated your login.

mywater Contact Centre

Phone: 08 7133 7333 during business hours.

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