The river plays a vital role for many industries and businesses in South Australia.

Ever considered a job on the river? There are so many things you can do! Here are just some of the fields in which people work on and around the river.

Managing the river

Locks and weirs


Waste management

Science and environmental management

Specialise in one of these fields:

  • monitoring water, animals, soil, etc.
  • bush regeneration
  • wetlands and floodplains management
  • advice and assistance to landholders.

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National Parks ranger

Work in a range of areas such as:

  • biodiversity conservation
  • wildlife management
  • fire management
  • heritage protection
  • visitor services
  • managing assets/infrastructure.


Specialise in one of these fields:

  • botany
  • ecology
  • soil science
  • climate change
  • zoology
  • sustainable agriculture
  • geographical information systems (GIS).

Land management

Specialise in one of these fields:

  • pest plant and animal management
  • sustainable farming
  • irrigation
  • advice and assistance to landholders
  • fire management.

Community engagement

Specialise in one of these fields:

  • communications
  • education
  • volunteer management
  • facilitation
  • marketing and design
  • indigenous engagement
  • local government.

Planning and policy

Specialise in one of these fields:

  • project management
  • water allocation planning
  • managing funding
  • evaluating and monitoring
  • administration
  • legislation.

Goyder Institute


Department for Environment and Water (DEW)

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Primary Industries and Regions South Australia (PIRSA)

SA Police

Country Fire Service (CFS)

SA Water

Environmental construction

Katarapko Floodplain

Riverine Recovery Project

Dairy farming

It’s not just humans who rely on the river for their drinking water. Cows need water to survive as well. There are lots of dairy farms along the river, which means lots of cows.


There are so many farmers that rely on the river to water their crops. Farmers in the river regions grow a wide variety of crops. Most people know about citrus and almonds, but did you know blueberries, garlic and avocados are also produced in the area?


There are multiple wine regions that use the River Murray to grow their grapes. It’s a massive industry that is growing all the time. South Australia is considered to be the producer of some of the world’s best wines.


The River Murray is a fantastic place to visit with family and friends. You can waterski, canoe, bushwalk, swim and fish.

If you’re into camping there are heaps of places in the state’s national parks. Lots of families like to hire houseboats and sail down the river, stopping to visit different towns along the way.


Fishing is highly popular on the river, for both recreational and business fishers. The river is home to a wide variety of fish and other aquatic creatures.



Steamboat captain

Tourism and accommodation

The tourism industry is huge right along the river. Thousands of people visit each year with friends and family to enjoy the sights and activities on offer.

River, Lakes and Coorong


Food and restaurants

With so many delicious foods and wine being grown along the river, it’s not surprising that a lot of it is turned into great produce and put in amazing meals at different restaurants and stores in towns along the river.