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Water in our towns and cities

Smart water management in South Australia’s towns and cities is the foundation for the state’s economy, while at the same time making South Australia more liveable, sustainable and productive.

Living in the driest state in Australia smart water management is vital for quality of life, a thriving economy, community wellbeing and the natural environments of the towns and cities where almost 90% of South Australian’s live.

Urban water management is delivered by many organisations, overseen by multiple legislative instruments and informed by a large body of monitoring, analysis and research. The Department for Environment and Water supports the government in leading urban water management in South Australia.

This website is an information hub for water management in South Australia’s towns and cities providing access to the many urban water delivery organisations and programs across the state.

Managing our urban water ensures our towns and cities:

  • have safe and reliable water supplies
  • minimise the inconvenience and damage to life and property by managing drainage systems and floods
  • safely collect, treat and dispose of our wastewater
  • minimise impacts on precious fresh water and marine environments.

The success of all of our historical water management can be seen in the secure water supplies, reduced flooding and environmental impacts that our towns and cities enjoy today.

The future will bring new water management challenges in our towns and cities and today we are preparing for these.

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