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Water in urban environments

Water treatment, use and design, and making sure these approaches are integrated into urban landscapes, provide for green space, minimise impacts on community assets and help address flooding. 

A key objective has been to diversify our water to include stormwater and treated wastewater for non-drinking uses, and desalination as a climate-dependent source of drinking water.

Supporting South Australia's transition to a water sensitive state has involved the introduction of raingardens, wetlands, stormwater recycling, permeable paving and other green infrastructure into the urban environment.

South Australia leads the nation in stormwater harvesting,  wastewater recycling and the proportion of house holds that use rainwater tanks. 

Collectively this work minimises water risks and enables our water sources to sustain growing populations in a changing climate. 

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Water for Good

The Water for Good Plan was developed by the South Australian Government in 2009 to provide thestate with the most secure water supply system in southern Australia. Its vision is that Greater Adelaide will not need water restrictions – beyond permanent water conservation measures – more than once in every 100 years.

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