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Lower Murray Reclaimed Irrigation Area (LMRIA) levee banks

Dewatering update

Reinforcement work at six of the seven levees impacted by the overtopping event in September has been completed. Work to reinforce Placid levee bank, which breached following overtopping, is continuing and dewatering has commenced.

DEW and PIRSA continue to progress immediate levee stabilisation and reinforcement works and dewatering, as required, along the Lower Murray with 19 of the 20 irrigation areas impacted by the 2022-23 River Murray flood now dewatered.

Levee embankments

Field inspections of the levees continue with reinforcement of levee stabilisation works, where required, being prioritised.

All government-owned levee banks along the Lower Murray from Mannum to Wellington remain closed to public access until further notice. While flood recovery works are being undertaken and until full condition assessments have been completed, recreational activities along the levee banks, such as walking, cycling and fishing are not allowed.

The government-owned levee banks are:

  • Cowirra
  • Neeta
  • Wall Flat
  • Pompoota
  • Mypolonga
  • Mobilong
  • Burdett
  • Long Flat
  • Monteith
  • Jervois

Privately-owned levees along the Lower Murray are managed and maintained by private landowners and access to their levee banks is at their discretion. However, access to private levee banks where the department is undertaking flood recovery work is not permitted.

If you have queries about levee stabilisation works or would like to discuss your particular circumstances, please contact the Department for Environment and Water through the following channels:

Birgitte Sorensen, Manager, Levee Recovery on (08) 8463 6942 or

Lisa van der Linde, Communications and Engagement Officer on 0437 313 087 or

The SA River Murray Flow Report is issued weekly and provides information on flows across the SA border, water levels, river infrastructure and impacts to the river. Click here to subscribe to this report.

River Murray Flow in South Australia

The flow at the South Australian border is approximately 18 GL/day.

See the SA River Murray Flow Report for more information and to subscribe to the weekly flow report.

River Vessel Waste Disposal Stations

The Lock 3 River Vessel Waste Disposal Station has been out of commission since January 2020 due to a significant infrastructure failure. The nearest alternative waste facility is located at Waikerie. Normal boat waste (domestic or galley waste) can still be deposited at the Lock 3 facility.

Any issues with river vessel waste disposal stations can be reported on 1800 799 065.

If you have any questions, please contact the DEW Engagement Team on

Predicted water levels

Current water levels are updated daily and can be found here:

As at 1 December the water level in Lake Alexandrina is approximately 0.87 m AHD and Lake Albert is approximately 0.77 m AHD. The difference is due to wind effects.

The Lower Lakes are being managed to target a daily average lake level between 0.7 m AHD to 0.8 m AHD during December 2023.

During adverse weather conditions, SA Water will operate the barrages to minimise the risk of seawater entering Lake Alexandrina, therefore minimising any negative salinity impacts from reverse flow events.

View gate openings at the barrages on Water Data SA at

Total daily flow releases from the barrages can also be found on Water Data SA at

The latest flow information is available on the Flows and daily water levels webpage or view the weekly River Murray Flow Report.

If you have any questions, please contact the DEW Engagement Team on

Mental health assistance

Events such as the River Murray 2022-23 flood can have an impact on the mental health and wellbeing of communities and individuals.

If you or someone you know is feeling overwhelmed and struggling to cope, reach out to local services that can provide mental health and wellbeing support. SA Health also provide a range of practical and emotional resources.

More information about levee banks

View responses to frequently asked questions about levee banks along the River Murray.

Visit the PIRSA LMRIA flood recovery web page.