The River Murray is the main source of water for South Australia.

Not only does it supply communities and industries along the river, but major pipelines also supply metropolitan Adelaide and regional communities including parts of the Yorke Peninsula, the Barossa Valley, Port Pirie and Keith.

Good water quality is essential for this water supply.

SA Water supplies water to homes and businesses, removes sewage, treats sewage and wastewater and recycles some wastewater.

Collectively, little decisions we all make to use water more sustainably can make a big difference to the river. Find out how you can save water in the home and garden.

Reducing industry reliance on the river

About 75 per cent of the water taken from the River Murray is used for primary production. A number of irrigation industry projects are underway to help improve water efficiency, as well as research and support for communities to diversify to industries that use less water.

Diversifying water sources

The Water for Good plan enables South Australia to diversify our water supplies to reduce our reliance on the River Murray and other rain dependent water sources.

Before the Adelaide Desalination Plant was built, more than 90 per cent of Adelaide’s water supply came from the River Murray during dry years. Desalination can now provide up to 50 per cent of Adelaide’s water needs – even when there is no rain.

South Australia is also a recognised leader in recycling stormwater and wastewater.

Find out more about the different types of South Australia’s water resources.