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Science and research

As part of our effort to sustain South Australia’s water resources, we undertake extensive water science and monitoring.

Our science focuses on understanding and managing our ground and surface water resources to support productive communities and healthy ecosystems, while our water monitoring efforts provide the data we need to determine trends in water quality and quantity.

Our work helps find and sustainably develop new sources of underground water to support communities, mining, agriculture and other industries.

Critical to the success of water management in South Australia and the development of new industry opportunities has been the integration of science and research capabilities.

This includes:

  • modelling capacity and its application to complex water systems
  • environmental assessment tools
  • data management systems
  • metering and measuring.

Water research

Water research is essential to gaining an understanding of:

  • the state's water needs
  • methods of water delivery
  • sustainable water resources
  • impacts of climate change on water
  • effective water management and use

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