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Adjustment to the sustainable diversion limit

Adjustment of the sustainable diversion limit

The Basin Plan sets sustainable diversion limits (SDLs), which is how much water can be used in the Murray–Darling Basin while leaving enough water for the environment.

To provide flexibility, the Sustainable Diversion Limits in the Southern Basin can be adjusted up and down through the implementation of projects.

Some projects allow Basin Plan environmental outcomes to be achieved with less water (supply measure projects) and others support more water recovery through improving water use efficiency (efficiency measure projects).

The Murray-Darling Basin Ministerial Council endorsed the package of SDL Adjustment projects for the Southern Basin on 16 June 2017, and the Basin Plan has now been amended to increase Sustainable Diversion Limits by 605 GL.

Supply measure projects

Supply measure projects (also known as supply measures) are improved ways to manage the Basin’s rivers to more efficiently deliver water for the environment. Projects include:

• environmental works, such as building or improving river or water management structures

• changes to river operating rules, which achieve environmental outcomes, with less water

• projects that address constraints to the delivery of water for the environment.

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Efficiency measure projects

Efficiency measure projects (also known as efficiency measures) support more water recovery through improving water use efficiency, such as replacing or upgrading on-farm irrigation. These projects need to have no adverse socio-economic impacts on Basin communities and industries.

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