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SA private carryover frequently asked questions

What is private carryover?

Private carryover is a drought management measure for holders of Class 3 (High Security) water access entitlement. It enables unused water allocation to be stored in one water year for use in the next. In dry periods, it can increase the volume of water allocation available at the beginning of a water year by up to 20 percent of the entitlement held by the water user at the end of the previous year.

How is the volume available for carryover calculated?

South Australia has the right to store (defer) a portion of its entitlement in the upstream River Murray storages and subsequently deliver this water for critical human water needs and private carryover in a future dry year(s).

The volume of water available for private carryover purposes will be determined by the minister. Consideration is given to any volume that is forecast to be in storage at the beginning of the next water use year, after making an allowance for storage loss e.g. evaporation.

When will carryover be available?

Carryover may be made available if the projected minimum opening water allocation announced on 15 April (or next business day) is 50 percent or less for the next water year.

How will I find out if carryover is available?

To give entitlement holders time to plan and make decisions about potential carryover arrangements, the Minister for Climate, Environment and Water will announce on 15 April (or next business day):

  • if private carryover is available for the following year; and
  • the maximum percentage of the entitlement that can be applied for.

Am I eligible?

You will be eligible for carryover into the next water year if:

  • you hold a South Australian Class 3 (High security) water access entitlements on 30 June in your name; and
  • you have not used all your water allocation in the current water year.

How much can I carry over?

The maximum volume of carryover that may be granted will be 20 percent of the Class 3 (High Security) water access entitlement held at 30 June.

When there is insufficient water stored to grant the maximum 20 percent carryover for all Class 3 (High Security) water access entitlement holders, the percentage that can be carried over will be reduced. The percentage of Class 3 (High Security) water access entitlement that can be carried over will be announced on 15 April (or next business day).

What happens to my carryover water if allocations increase to 100 percent?

Water users will be able to access their full volume of granted carryover.

What will I need to do if carryover is announced?

If carryover is announced for the coming water year, eligible entitlement holders will need to lodge an application for carryover by 15 June, and, at the time of application:

  • provide a current meter reading that demonstrates that there is unused water allocation volume equal to or greater than the volume applied for carryover; and
  • pay the prescribed fee.

If your application is successful, the approved carryover volume will not be available for use for the remainder of the current water use year.

Information about how to apply will be made available if carryover is announced.

What to do if your water entitlement is managed by a third party?

If your Class 3 entitlement is held by a third party (e.g. an irrigation trust), you will need to contact them to discuss your carryover options.

How do I know if my application is successful?

The Department for Environment and Water will advise you of the outcome of your application.

If your class 3 entitlement is managed by a third party (e.g. an irrigation trust), they will advise you of the outcome.

What do I need to do if carryover isn’t available?

If carryover is not announced, you don’t need to do anything.

Where can I get further information?

You can contact DEW Water Licencing (Berri) by: