South Australia has a comprehensive water planning framework to ensure long-term security. Water planning ensures the sustainable management and use of water resources as well as the state’s long-term water security to support our economy, lifestyle and environment.

The plans include:

Where there is a high demand for water and a need to sustainably manage water resources – these water resources are ‘prescribed’. Many of our groundwater and surface water resources are now prescribed.

Water allocation plans are developed for our prescribed water resources and set out sustainable limits and rules around the taking and use of water.

Where water resources are not prescribed, water affecting activities, like the construction of dams or wells, are managed through a permit system. This is to make sure water resources are protected and minimises the impact of activities on water resources.

Water allocation plans and water affecting activity policies for water resources are developed by regional landscape boards. Boards work in collaboration with their local communities, landholders and First Nations to ensure local knowledge and understanding are recognised and used in the management of our water resources.

This map shows the prescribed water resources across South Australia. To find out more about water management in a region or its water allocation plans, select the area to visit the website of the regional landscape board.

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