Can I purchase River Murray water without owning any land along the river?

Yes. River Murray water rights (water access entitlements and water allocation) are able to be purchased independently of any land considerations, and independently of each other. This means that they are able to be purchased prior to, or after purchasing land and gaining other necessary approvals for the take and use of water.

Investors seeking to own water rights may also purchase River Murray water rights without owning any land.

Do I need a water licence or a water account before I can purchase River Murray water rights?

No. In South Australia a water licence will be established for you, free of charge, by the department upon your first approved water entitlement transfer. Similarly, a water account will be established upon your first approved water allocation transfer.

While the establishment of a water licence or water account is free of charge, a transfer fee is still payable on the water entitlement or water allocation transfer itself.

In New South Wales (NSW) and Victoria, there may be account establishment fees to consider in addition to the usual transfer fees. For example, in NSW, there are fees and the water account is called a ‘Zero Share Water Access Licence’ account.

Are there any limits on the number of trades that I can make, or volume of water that I may trade each year?

No. There are no limits on either the number or volume of transfers that may be made each year. There are fees, however, associated with the transfer of water entitlements and water allocation so multiple transfers will attract multiple fees.