The 2024 Duck Open Season in South Australia is now closed.

Duck hunting during a declared Open Season is permitted on some Game Reserves. Specific conditions and exclusions may be applicable to each game reserve.As the 2024 Duck Open Season is now closed, hunting is currently not permitted on Game Reserves.

Maps of Game Reserves including exclusion zones for the 2024 Open Season are available below. If you would like any further information, please contact

Bool Lagoon Game Reserve

Bucks Lake Game Reserve

Chowilla Game Reserve

Currency Creek Game Reserve

Lake Robe Game Reserve

Loch Luna Game Reserve

Moorook Game Reserve

Mud Islands Game Reserve

Poocher Swamp Game Reserve

Tolderol Game Reserve

Maps are also available through Avenza Maps for use on your smartphone or other handheld devices. Once you’ve installed the app and downloaded your map, it will work with your smartphone’s inbuilt GPS to plot your real-time location within the park on the map. Once a map is downloaded, you can use the app without a network connection.