A Basic Hunting Permit is required. Please see the Information You Need to Know - Basic Hunting Permit which summarises the regulatory requirements that must be complied with. To apply for this permit, fill out the online form.

With a basic Hunting Permit (and written permission of the land owner) you can hunt feral animals such as:

  • rabbits
  • foxes
  • goats
  • pigs.

A basic Hunting Permit does not allow you to take:

  • protected animals (eg kangaroos)
  • domestic stock.

Hunting of feral animals is confined mainly to private property where you have been given written permission to hunt by the landowner. This permission must have been given within the previous six months.

Crown land which was formerly unalienated and is now leased, licensed or dedicated is not available for hunting without the written permission of the lessee, licensee or management authority responsible for the land. Hunters wishing to hunt feral species need to source Private Land from which to hunt, with the written permission of the landholder.

For information relating to a current or expired hunting permit please contact the DEW Fauna Permits Unit at DEWFaunapermitsunit@sa.gov.au.

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