In South Australia, we share the environment with a diverse range of wildlife, and it is important that we all play our part in keeping them wild. Feeding wild animals, and even providing water, can upset the balance of nature. Despite good intentions it can sometimes do more harm than good.

Feeding and watering wild animals is not recommended as it can:

  • alter their natural behaviour in the wild
  • cause poor nutrition
  • contribute to their overpopulation
  • make some animals aggressive
  • benefit pest species
  • lead to property damage from unwelcome wildlife
  • spread disease
  • affect water and environmental quality.

Rather than feeding wildlife, help conserve wildlife habitat by getting involved with your local ‘Friends of Parks’ or local government environmental volunteer group, encourage native wildlife into your garden by providing areas of suitable natural habitat and remember to appreciate wild animals from a safe distance while visiting your local national parks.

For more information on the above, read our factsheet Help Keep Our Wildlife Wild - 8 reasons not to feed wildlife or check out the video below.

For detailed information relating to bushfires and how you can help injured wildlife and provide emergency water or food on your property, see the Helping bushfire affected wildlife page.

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