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South Australian Oiled Wildlife Response Plan

The South Australian Oiled Wildlife Response Plan (SAOWRP) describes the management arrangements for implementing a wildlife response in South Australian State waters.

It is a sub-plan of the South Australian Marine Spill Contingency Action Plan (SAMSCAP) which is administered by the Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT).

The SAOWRP can also be used as guidance for petroleum titleholders in the Commonwealth waters surrounding South Australia.

It details the legislative responsibilities, relationships to other plans, roles and responsibilities, wildlife division structure, standards and best practice procedures for an oiled wildlife response.

The regional oiled wildlife response plans provide detailed ‘on ground’ regional information required to carry out an oiled wildlife response, including: wildlife values, high risk wildlife areas, identified oiled wildlife facilities, equipment, resource and contact lists.

The geographical areas covered by the SAOWRP and each of the six (6) Regional Wildlife Response Plans are presented as six (6) chapters: