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Living with wildlife

Native animals are wild animals, whether they live in natural areas such as national parks and reserves, or in our own backyards.

Many species are capable of surviving in cities, suburbs and towns. They have learned to rely on their instincts and a whole new range of behaviours to survive. But competing for food, water, refuge and space can place wildlife in conflict with people in both urban and rural areas.

How a person has experienced wildlife - whether in a national park, a local council reserve, their own backyard or a visit to a wildlife park - often shapes their attitudes towards conservation.

The department encourages a 'Living With Wildlife' approach to how we think about and interact with wildlife. A living with wildlife approach:

  • promotes positive attitudes toward wildlife
  • encourages people to understand the necessity of wildlife conservation
  • considers the welfare of all wildlife
  • promotes humane and non lethal methods as the way to manage problems with wildlife.

Understanding wildlife behaviour is the key to living with wildlife harmoniously.

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