All wombat species in South Australia are protected. You have a legal responsibility to manage any wombat impacts in a humane manner.

Taking the time to plan and prepare your wombat management will increase the likelihood of success in managing their impacts and avoid wasting time and money.

All wombat management must consider the welfare of the wombats and follow permit conditions, and relevant codes of practice or guidelines where required.

The department recommends you first consider low-intervention and non-lethal methods where possible to manage impacts before considering collapsing burrows or warrens, or lethal methods. For top tips on managing wombats with non-lethal methods see living with wombats.

In 2023, State Parliament amended the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972 (NPW Act) to create new protections for wombat burrows. This means it is now an offence to destroy, damage or disturb wombat burrows without a permit, unless you meet specific criteria. You can find more information on the protection for wombat burrows page, including FAQs.

Before collapsing a burrow or warren, you must ensure it is empty of animals. It’s recommended to keep evidence like photos to show it was unoccupied. It is important to collapse burrows gradually and then compact the area to discourage another wombat from moving in.

Remember, wombats are protected under the NPW Act, and it is an offence to harm them, or attempt to do so, without a permit.

Where non-lethal management options have been explored and have been found impractical or ineffective, land managers may apply for a permit to destroy protected animal species that are causing impacts.

It is important to note that destroying wombats may not be an effective management option if used in isolation.

For more information, see our factsheet on managing impact causing species by destruction.

To apply for a Permit to Destroy Wildlife for destroying wombats see manage, control or destroy wildlife permits.

If a permit is obtained, a permit holder must abide by the permit conditions including the Code of Practice for the humane destruction of wombats by shooting in South Australia.