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Northern Adelaide Plains Prescribed Wells Area Kangaroo Flat Water Licensing Project

Kangaroo Flat is a farming area which forms part of the Northern Adelaide Plains Prescribed Wells Area (NAP PWA) in the northwest. Kangaroo Flat was brought under a Notice of Restriction on 31 March 2000, in response to concerns about the impacts of a significant increase in groundwater extraction in the area. The area was then included in the prescription of the NAP PWA on 22 July 2004 to protect the water from overuse and to secure it for the future.

Resource capacity

Measured data demonstrates that when more than 1,500,000 kilolitres (kL) of water is extracted from bores in the Kangaroo Flat area each year there are adverse impacts on water quality and availability. In the Kangaroo Flat area there is a strong relationship between extraction volumes and salinity. When more than 1,500,000 kL of water (per year) is extracted, there is a measurable increase in groundwater salinity level; water becomes increasingly unusable for irrigated crops and stock and domestic use. The capacity of the Kangaroo Flat groundwater resource is 1,500,000 kilolitres (kL) per year.

Further information on the condition and capacity of the Kangaroo Flat groundwater resource can be found in a series of technical notes and reports published by this department.

Reductions to allocations

On 15 December 2017, the department issued water licences to existing users in the Kangaroo Flat area, with 100 percent of their full reasonable water requirements. The total aggregate of the entitlements issued was 2,689,000 kL.

To support the long-term viability of the aquifer system it is necessary for the aggregate of entitlements to be brought in line with the capacity of the resource (1,500,000 kL). This is being achieved through the implementation of staged reductions.

All existing users will have their entitlements reduced proportionately over a five year period according to the schedule detailed below:

Timing and Year Percentage of Reasonable Requirement
July 201890%
July 202073%
July 2022 56% - reduction target achieved

This staged approach is to allow licence holders the opportunity to progressively manage their water use as their allocation is reduced.

Once the reduction has been fully implemented, the total aggregate of entitlements will be 1,506,000 kL. This level of extraction is considered to be sustainable in the long term for the area, supporting the longevity of the resource for water users and the environment.

More information

For further information about water licences and water entitlements in the Kangaroo Flat area, please read the fact sheet.

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If you have any further questions regarding water licences and water entitlements in the Kangaroo Flat area of the NAP PWA, please phone (08) 8463 6876.

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