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Hunting of specified animals is permitted in South Australia with valid permits.

Feral Animals

Hunting feral animals is permitted in South Australia with a Basic Hunting Permit. Find out more about hunting feral animals here.

Hunting native animals
It is illegal to hunt or take native animals protected under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972. Some native animals are not protected by legislation (those listed in Schedule 10 of the Act), but you may still need a permit to take them from the wild or hunt for recreation. Additionally, a permit is required to:

  • take juvenile galahs and juvenile little corellas. To apply for this permit, download the form.
  • take galahs or little corellas by trapping. To apply for this permit, download the form.

Aboriginal hunting and gathering

Under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972, protected animals may be hunted for food for the hunter or their dependents, or solely for cultural purposes of Aboriginal origin. A permit is not required for this purpose.

A hunting permit is required if an Aboriginal person hunts or takes an animal to sell.

Open season duck and quail hunting

The Minister for Climate, Environment and Water may declare an open season for the hunting of duck and quail and set conditions of the open season. Open season hunting permits are required to take duck or quail. Find out more here.

Safe and humane hunting

Modern Hunting in South Australia

The department has collaborated with the Conservation and Hunting Alliance of South Australia to publish Modern Hunting in South Australia - A guide for responsible and sustainable hunting. This guide has been published to:

  • encourage and enable hunters to hunt safely, responsibly and sustainably, and to contribute to conservation, now and in the future
  • provide information and advice about locations and species permitted for hunting, and
  • simply explain the rules and regulations for hunting in SA.

You can download an electronic copy here.

Safety for Shooters

Please respect the rights of other hunters. It is generally accepted that the first hunter to a position has precedence and no hunter should approach closer than 50m without the other hunter’s permission. Avoid accidents – please don’t shoot low.

Code of practice for humane destruction

All hunters must comply with the requirements of the codes of practice for humane destruction of wildlife.

Prohibited hunting areas

Hunting is not permitted on:

  • all reserves constituted under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972 (except for specified game reserves during a declared open season);
  • all wilderness protection areas and all wilderness protection zones constituted under the Wilderness Protection Act 1992; and
  • all sanctuary zones within any marine park established under the Marine Parks Act 2007.

No hunting or fishing is permitted within 150 metres either side of any barrage structure.

Duck hunting is only permitted on Game Reserves explicitly declared open in the open season notice.