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Little corella conservation and management

Little corellas are a native bird species which are listed as ‘unprotected’ in South Australia.

Large flocks of little corellas can have a harmful impact on the state from an economic, social and environmental perspective, including:

  • stripping the leaves off river red gums or other native and ornamental trees that they roost in
  • damaging tarpaulins covering grain bunkers, and wiring and flashing on buildings
  • taking grain from newly seeded paddocks
  • creating a noise nuisance to local residents.
Little corella by Kevin Williams

Image by Kevin Williams

Development of a state-wide management strategy

Managing little corellas and the damage they can cause has been difficult to resolve over the years. The department is now taking a different tactic and working towards creating a strategy that will help guide a coordinated management approach aimed at reducing the negative impacts little corellas can cause in communities across the state. It is anticipated that everyone will be able to play a part in managing this issue.

The first step in developing this new strategy has been a research report commissioned by the department to the University of South Australia’s Discovery Circle. This research looked at little corella issues and management options in urban and peri-urban areas across South Australia. Full results of this research can be found in Little Corellas - Social and Ecological Research for Management in South Australia. The University of South Australia’s Discovery Circle have also provided a summary report, Little Corellas: A Way Forward.

The department is reviewing the findings of the research report and in collaboration with the Local Government Association, local communities and councils to develop the state-wide strategy. 

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