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Fire management plans help guide fire management activities in high fire risk areas across South Australia.

They set strategic priorities about where, how, and why we need to burn to reduce the risk of bushfire and to manage the environment e.g. the ecological process of fire is critical to helping many native plants and animal habitats to regenerate, and it also helps with weed control.

Actions from the plans include using these tools:

  • mechanical fuel modification – rolling, lopping, chipping, crushing, piling and slashing vegetation to lessen risk
  • chemical fuel treatment – targeting problem weed species
  • prescribed burns – using the right kind of fire in the right place, at the right time and applied in the right way, to reduce fuel in an environmentally sensitive way
  • constructing and maintaining tracks and trails for firefighters and visitors in parks to use
  • constructing and maintaining fire management infrastructure including water supply points, aircraft landing areas, access gates and signs.

Adopted fire management plans apply for up to 10 years unless they are required to be reviewed due to a major fire, a change in policy, objectives or management direction, or on-ground works.

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