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Fire management plans help to guide fire management activities in high fire risk areas across South Australia.

A plan aims to assess the level of risk of a bushfire, identify objectives for fire management, and outline strategies and propose works to increase the level of bushfire preparedness within the area outlined in the plan.

Adopted fire management plans apply up to 10 years unless they are required to be reviewed due to a major fire, a change in policy, objectives or management direction, or on-ground works.

The following documents and tools help to support the adapted fire management plans listed below:

Public Consultation - Now closed

The public consultation period for the draft Dudley Peninsula Fire Management Plan 2019-2029 has now closed. The department is now undertaking a review of all submissions made, and will consider and amend the draft plan where relevant.

Once the draft plan has been finalised it will be submitted to the Native Vegetation Council and the Director of National Parks and Wildlife for approval.

If you would like more information or have a question on the draft plan you can send an email to, call (08) 8124 4834, or mail to:

Manager, Fire Planning
Fire & Flood Management Unit
Department for Environment and Water
GPO Box 1047

Adelaide Mount Lofty Ranges

Alinytjara Wilurara 

Eyre Peninsula

Kangaroo Island 

Northern and Yorke

SA Arid Lands

SA Murray Darling Basin

South East

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