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Banrock Station wetland complex

Coordinates: 34°11' S 140°20'E.
Location: River Murray floodplain, opposite the township of Overland Corner, 26 km north west of Berri.

Banrock Station Wetland Complex lies on the floodplain adjacent to the River Murray. The total area of the Ramsar site is 1,375 hectares, which includes 1,068 hectares of floodplain wetland and 307 hectares of an open mallee box woodland buffer.

It is the first internationally important wetland site to be designated in South Australia that is entirely located on private land. The management of the wetland complex is the responsibility of Accolade Wines.

Banrock swamp is a floodplain wetland that was restored in 1992. It is now one of only 20 sites in the lower River Murray that has been returned to a near-natural water cycle.

The floodplain wetlands are dominated by lignum and sedge with expanses of open water. Adjoining is an open mallee box woodland community which provides habitat for a breeding population of the state vulnerable regent parrot (Polytelis anthopeplus). Approximately 159 bird species, including several migratory species have been observed at the site.

During dry periods the swamp acts as a drought refuge.