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The department is responsible for recording and maintaining information about water rights and their ownership, and on the prices and volumes being traded on the water market on what is known as the Water Register.

The department, in association with its role as approval authority for transactions relating to water rights, is required to register the following information on the Water Register.

  • Personal information about the holders of water rights (e.g. name and contact details)
  • the relevant water resource that the water right relates to
  • date of issue and/or expiry of the water right
  • details of dealings (e.g. date of variation, transfer, surrender or cancellation).

This ensures that there is accurate and up-to-date records of the ownership and interests in water rights, and there is a clear record of transactions with such water rights.

The Water Register captures relevant information about water licenses, water access entitlements, forest water licenses, and water allocations. 

The department also enables the holder of a security interest to note an interest against a water right. If you want to note or remove an interest on the department’s water register you must submit an application accompanied by payment of the relevant application fee. 

Public access to certain information on the register is available at the following links:

Interstate registers:

 Many water brokers also list recent sale prices on their websites and have good knowledge of current prices and price history information.

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