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In prescribed water resources areas, water meters are required to measure licensed water use. This ensures that the volume used remains within water allocations and sustainable limits. Measuring water use is important for the long-term future of our water resources to support water use industries, regional communities and water-dependent ecosystems.

The South Australian Licensed Water Use Metering Policy and Specifications set out the State Government position on metering licensed water use, in accordance with the Natural Resources Management (Financial Provisions) Regulations 2005 and the Natural Resources Management Act 2004.

It is a condition of a water licence that water taken for licensed purposes must be taken through a water meter. Licence holders are responsible for installing and maintaining water meters on their property, that comply with the current South Australian Licensed Water Use Meter Specification.

New metering requirements for new and replacement meters from 1 July 2019

From 1 July 2019, new and replacement meters used for licensed water use must comply with national metering standards for meter selection, installation and maintenance. This will ensure new meters, and their ongoing operation, are consistent nationally.  

For further information on the new requirements that will apply to new and replacement meters, click here.

Flexibility provisions

In limited low risk circumstances, water sources may be granted flexibility from metering. This may mean that a source is exempt from metering or flexibility is given so that water use from multiple sources can be recorded through a single meter.   

Metering flexibility can be either automatic or upon application by the licence holder(s). Where metering flexibility applies, further details can be found in the meter implementation plan for that area:

You can apply for flexibility using the online Meter Notification Form or by contacting the appropriate water licensing office (see below). Requests will be assessed on a case by case basis to determine if a meter is required and you will be notified of the assessment outcome.

It is important to note that in instances where the requirement to meter has been exempt, water usage against the associated allocation will be deemed as full usage and this has implications for carry over and allocation trades/transfers.

Your responsibilities

Before disconnecting a meter for any reason, licence holders are required to advise the Department of any changes to meter details. This can be done by filling out the online Meter Notification Form or by contacting the appropriate water licensing office (see below).

The following information resources may assist you to meet you metering obligations:

Meter readings

Where a meter is required, licence holders are required to record and submit meter readings to the Department as per a condition of their water licence or water resources works approval. The conditions on these instruments will provide the frequency at which meter readings are to be supplied.

You can submit a meter reading online using the Meter Reading Form or by contacting the appropriate water licensing office (see below).

The Department conducts both random and targeted compliance audits to ensure that the meter readings provided are accurate. If you are unsure how to read your meter accurately, please click on the How to read your meter fact sheet  or contact the appropriate water licensing office for assistance.

Water licensing offices

Please contact the appropriate water licensing office if you have any further questions regarding you metering obligations.

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