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Current allocations

Latest announcements 

Our 15 June 2021 Allocation Statement is now available.  

The opening allocation for South Australian River Murray irrigators for the 2021-22 water year is 100 per cent.

Now that allocations have reached 100 pe rcent, there will be no more allocation announcements for the 2021-22 water year. The next allocation announcement will be on 15 April 2022 and will provide a projected minimum opening allocation for the 2022–23 water year.

Carryover will not be available in 2021–22. As the projected minimum opening allocation announced on 15 April 2021 was greater than 50 per cent, the carryover trigger for 2021–22 was not met. This means that any water rolled over from a previous year will no longer be available.

Download previous allocation statements for the 2021–22 water year

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Murray-Darling Basin rainfall outlook 

Rainfall, inflows and temperatures are highly variable across the Murray-Darling Basin. The last three years have been predominately dry. However, as we also saw during the Millennium Drought, conditions can change quickly. 

Check the Bureau of Meteorology’s Murray-Darling Basin rainfall outlook

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