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A selection of leguminous plants (Family Leguminosae) threatened in South Australia is listed below. Each is cited by genus, species (and in some cases sub-species, population), and common name (where identified). Please click on a species for further details, including its conservation status.

Genus, species (sub-species, population)

Common name

Acacia ammobia Mt Connor wattle
Acacia menzelii Menzel's wattle
Acacia pinguifolia fat-leaf wattle
Acacia tenuior Central Ranges wattle

Note: The DEW Biological Database of South Australia has been used as the basis for generating the list of threatened orchid species in the above table, following the taxonomic identities recognised by the State Herbarium and listed in the threatened species schedules of the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972. The list is primarily focussed at the species level, but in some instances sub-species are recognised.

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