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Duck hunting open season has been declared for South Australia in 2021.

Quail hunting is not permitted in South Australia for 2021.

Following an assessment of climate data and forecasts, landscape and wetland condition, waterfowl abundance, and also considering whether hunting activities could impact on the conservation and sustainability of waterfowl populations, a restricted duck hunting open season has been declared for 2021.

No quail hunting open season has been declared for 2021.

The information used in this assessment was derived from the Bureau of Meteorology, DEW wetland and waterfowl surveys, the Eastern Australia Waterbird Survey and various remotely sensed landscape condition data.

Recommendation for the 2021 duck hunting open season is based on 2020 data and forecasts for 2021. Should conditions deteriorate or circumstances change, the Minister may revoke or revise the open season declarations.  

Open season duck hunting information

Closed season quail hunting information


A specified ‘duck’ hunting open season permit is required to hunt duck in South Australia. Quail hunting permits will not be available in 2021 due to the closed quail hunting season. Duck hunters are required to pass the Waterfowl Identification Test to obtain a permit. For information on the test and permit please telephone the DEW Fauna Permits Unit (08) 8124 4972.

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