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Roadside, rail corridor or railway crossing

Can I clear native vegetation on roadsides or rail corridors?

Local councils can clear vegetation on road reserves or rail corridors for:

Clearance must be undertaken in compliance with the Native Vegetation Council (NVC) Guidelines for Roadside Vegetation Management, your local council’s roadside management plan (if applicable) or the Local Council Tree Management Guidelines .

Does this include land under Heritage or Management Agreement?

No you cannot clear for this purpose on Heritage Agreement or Management Agreement land.

Do I need approval?

If you are a council, and you want to extend your permitted clearance beyond what is permitted by the NVC’s Guidelines for the Management of Roadside Vegetation or the Local Council Tree Management Guidelines, you will need to develop a Management Plan approved by the NVC.

What should I do?


  • Prepare a Management Plan that addresses the criteria in the NVC’s Guidelines for Roadside Vegetation Management. DEWNR staff can help you prepare your plan, or consider engaging an Accredited Consultant.

  • Submit the Management Plan to the NVC at


  • If you are undertaking another clearance activity on your property and you want to clear onto a roadside or rail corridor, you must contact your local council to obtain approval.


You are not permitted to clear for this activity if it will permanently remove or degrade native vegetation.

What if my activity doesn't fit this description?

If your proposed clearance does not meet the requirements of this regulation, or another regulation, you can submit a clearance application under Section 28 of the Native Vegetation Act 1991.


Native Vegetation Branch.