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Sustainable soil and land management

The department's vision is of a sustainable and prosperous South Australia where natural resources are used wisely and a healthy environment is understood to be the foundation of our quality of life. This means using our natural resources sustainably.

There are a number of challenges to the sustainable use and management of our soil and land resources, such as wind and water erosion, soil acidity, soil salinity, soil structure decline, soil nutritional fertility and water repellence. The sustainable use of soil and land in agricultural areas of SA is of increasing significance, particularly in the face of a changing climate.

The challenges to sustainable land management are being tackled through a range of state and regional level strategies, including:

To facilitate sustainable land use and management the department works in partnership with the organisations that have direct connections and networks with farmers and regional communities. This includes agricultural industry organisations such as the Agriculture Excellence Alliance, Advisory Board of Agriculture and farmer groups.

The department's integrated approach to natural resources management planning and delivery is designed to strengthen the health of regional ecosystems and support sustainable agricultural production.

The sustainable management of our soil resource is critical to maintaining our agricultural productivity which is so vital for the livelihood of our farmers and rural communities, and contributes substantially to our economy.

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