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In May 1983 a protected zone with a 550m radius was declared over the Zanoni, prohibiting any boating and diving activity within the area without a permit.

Zanoni had become an abundant artificial reef and a popular fishing location, so when the protected zone was implemented many anglers and divers protested the new restrictions.

To provide an alternative fishing and diving destination to Zanoni, the (then) Department of Fisheries acquired an obsolete Department of Marine and Harbours hopper barge to establish a new artificial reef nearby.

On 11 April 1984 No. 5 Barge was deliberately scuttled approximately 1 nautical mile south of the Zanoni wreck site to become the single vessel within the Ardrossan Ships' Graveyard.

Although a permit is required to access the Zanoni wreck site, you do not need to apply for a permit to visit or dive No. 5 Barge.

No.5 Barge (also known as Ardrossan or Zanoni Barge)

No.5 Barge (also known as Ardrossan or Zanoni Barge)

Location: -34.52916915*S 138.062563*E

Vessel type: Steel dumb hopper barge

The Ardrossan Barge was built in Sydney in 1911 by Poole and Steel for the Marine Board of South Australia.

The barge had been used to dump spoil from dredging operations in Port Adelaide and most major outports, but became surplus to requirements after commissioning of two self-propelled barges in 1978.

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 Ardrossan ships graveyard map Zanoni

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