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Heritage Tourism Strategy

South Australia has a rich architectural, historical and cultural heritage. Our heritage adds to the character of our communities and has the potential to be a significant draw card for visitors to our state. Heritage places and stories can provide engaging tourism experiences and attractions that encourage people to visit, stay longer and spend more. Heritage tourism can help protect our important heritage places and stories by increasing awareness and appreciation of them.

In order to maximise the potential of our heritage to contribute to South Australia’s visitor economy and take advantage of the benefits offered by sustainable tourism, Heritage SA is joining with the tourism industry and heritage experts to develop a Heritage Tourism Strategy for South Australia.  

The strategy will establish a vision for heritage tourism in South Australia and identify the significant stories, places and iconic heritage experiences that will attract visitors to our state and our regions. The strategy will also determine what needs to be done to realise the tourism potential of our heritage.

Tourism operators, regional communities, heritage property owners and managers, Local Government, Traditional Owners, heritage and history organisations, and those with an interest in developing a heritage tourism in South Australia will soon be invited to participate in opportunities to help shape the strategy.

To register your interest in being involved, please contact: Linda Lacey, Heritage Tourism Project Manager, Heritage South Australia, (08) 8204 1326 or 



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