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Fire bans and restrictions

Fire bans

All open fires, liquid fuel and gas stoves are banned in all South Australia's national parks on days declared a Total Fire Ban by the Country Fire Service (CFS). Total Fire Bans are also communicated through the media, including ABC radio.

Parks may be closed to visitors on Total Fire Ban days or days of high fire risk.

Fire restrictions

Fire restrictions will be declared during the fire danger season for all parks, reserves and wilderness protection areas managed by the department.

People intending to visit the parks are encouraged to familiarise themselves with these restrictions as dates and conditions vary depending on their location in a CFS Fire Ban District.

No wood or solid fuel fires are permitted in parks during these times and some parks have year-round bans on wood fires. All open fires, liquid fuel and gas stoves are banned in all parks on Total Fire Ban days as declared by the Country Fire Service (CFS).

Further information

For further information on fire bans and restrictions visit National Parks South Australia or South Australian Country Fire Service or call the CFS Fire Bans Hotline 1300 362 361.

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