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Citizen Science

What is citizen science?  

Citizen science is when people volunteer their time to partner with researchers to increase scientific knowledge. 

Citizen scientists collect data, make discoveries and explore nature for projects that help researchers by: 

  • observing where and when plants, animals or fungi are present
  • transcribing information from museum collections to make data accessible digitally
  • identifying animals in photos.

Become a citizen scientist 

In South Australia, the Department for Environment and Water leads, supports and promotes citizen science projects.

These projects contribute to the knowledge of flora and fauna across the state, as well as capture information about environmental indicators that can point towards changes in habitat conditions and species populations to inform conservation and management actions.  

With the help of citizen scientists like you, researchers can better understand South Australian biodiversity and ecosystems. 

The Kangaroo Island Fire Recovery - KI Dunnart Surveys are helping the bushfire recovery efforts by recording how many native and feral species pass through unburnt and recovering patches of native vegetation.

You can also get involved in regional citizen science projects:

Here are some other projects that also contribute to our state’s biological data: 

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