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Water compliance reporting

DEWNR is responsible for managing South Australia’s water resources for the future. This includes monitoring water users who take and use water from prescribed and non-prescribed water sources such as a dam, bore, stream, river or creek to ensure they are meeting their legal obligations.

DEWNR is required to report on any water use compliance breaches as part of the National framework for compliance and enforcement systems for water resource management.

Water compliance activities conducted in 2016 - 2017

The table below details a summary of compliance actions and targeted water compliance operations conducted in 2016/17:


Proposed Targeted Water Compliance Activities for 2017-18

Proposed targeted water compliance operations for the 2017-18 water use year (not part of the annual meter reading program) include the following:

  • Inspection of the integrity of existing installed meters in the Northern Adelaide Plains
  • Inspection of stock and domestic bores to ensure water allocation taken for the purpose of stock and domestic in McLaren Vale
  • Follow up of overdue meter installations in the Eastern and Western Mount Lofty Ranges PWRAs
  • Audit of unmetered water instruments in the River Murray
  • Inspection of all new meter installations in the South East Region
  • Education activities in South East Region regarding compliance with meter conditions on water instruments
  • Audit of unmetered water instruments in the Marne Saunders PWA
  • Education activity with water instrument holders in the Mallee PWA regarding supply arrangements and potential overuse penalties
  • Education activity with water instrument holders in the Northern Adelaide Plains regarding water licensing requirements and compliance 

Previous years' reports

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