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Coorong and Lakes Alexandrina and Albert wetland Ramsar site

Coordinates: 35°56'S 139°18'E.
Location: near the mouth of the River Murray.

This wetland forms at the terminus of the longest and largest river in Australia. It incorporates 23 different types of wetlands which range from:

  • freshwater to hypersaline
  • dense vegetation to open water
  • temporary to permanently inundated land.

The site meets eight nomination criteria specified by the Ramsar Convention. It covers an area of approximately 140,500 hectares, most of which is Crown Land and National Park.

The Coorong and Lakes area supports many nationally and internationally significant flora and fauna. It provides habitat for nationally threatened species such as the:

  • orange-bellied parrot
  • mount lofty ranges southern emu-wren
  • murray hardyhead
  • hooded plover
  • freckled duck
  • southern pygmy perch
  • murray cod
  • southern bell frog.

Also in the area are the critically endangered swamps of the Fleurieu Peninsula, the threatened gahnia sedgeland ecosystem and a number of threatened plant species such as the metallic sun-orchid.

A diverse range of waterbirds regularly visit the wetland, particularly in summer. It is an important breeding site for the Australian pelican, crested tern, fairy tern, and the rufous night heron.

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