If you have a water licence that requires you to submit a meter reading to us, you can get water usage advice to help you keep track of your remaining water allocation.

A water usage advice statement works a bit like a bank statement and provides you with information about your remaining water allocation.

Your water usage advice will help you make an informed decision about your water use such as whether or not you should transfer a water allocation (also known as a water trade).

All you need to do is submit your meter reading to us using the online meter reading form. When you do this, you can choose to receive a water usage advice by email and/or SMS.

You will receive your water usage advice statement every time you submit an online meter read. You can submit extra meter reads as often as you like; you are not limited to the frequency stated on your licence or works approval.

Yes, I want to receive my water usage advice statement

  • Open meter reading form
  • Complete the details
  • Make sure you provide either a current mobile phone number, email address or both on the form
  • Submit your meter read to the department

How to read your Water Usage Advice

Fact sheets have been developed to help you understand your SMS or Email Water Usage Advice.