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Water licences and permits

The department is reforming its water licensing business and delivering a modern online water register in 2024. A new digital platform called mywater will give all water account holders and water market participants easy access to water data and the online water register.

For more information visit the mywater information page.

Access a water licence or permit application form now.

The department supports the sustainable management of water in South Australia.

We do this by issuing licences and water allocations, measuring water use through metering requirements, managing water in high demand areas and providing water for the environment.

Prescribed water resources are managed to ensure water use in these areas is sustainable. They are managed under the Landscape South Australia Act 2019 and include the issuing of water licences that provide what is called a water access entitlement to the holder of the licence.

Do you need a water licence?

Activities that require you to have a licence vary depending on the water resources prescribed within a region, but may include underground, watercourse or surface water extracted for:

Do you need a water permit?

If you are planning an activity that could impact on a water resource or an ecosystem that depends on one, you may need a permit. Permits enable these activities to be monitored and regulated to ensure our water resources remain sustainable into the future.

Our Water Licensing Branch administers permits for the following activities:

Similarly, water affecting activities in relation to dams and draining or discharging into any watercourse, floodplain or lake require permits that are administered through natural resources centres.

Contact your local natural resources centre to discuss your application requirements if you need a permit to undertake any of the following:

  • erect, construct or enlarge a dam
  • draining or discharging into a watercourse or lake
  • conduct a water affecting activity in a watercourse, floodplain or lake.

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