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Notices to restrict or authorise water

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Notices of prohibition or restriction

These notices may be applied to any water resource, whether prescribed or not.

From time to time, it is necessary to place temporary restrictions on access to water. Particularly in times of low rainfall, legal notices allow us to quickly protect a diminishing or low quality water resource.

A notice of prohibition or restriction is a short term instrument used to control the taking of water. The Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation may issue a notice if the rate at which water is taken from a particular resource affects the quantity or quality of water to the point that demand is no longer met or there is a risk that there will not be sufficient supply to meet future demand. The needs of ecosystems are also taken into consideration. 

A notice may be applied regardless of whether or not the water body of concern is a prescribed water resource

Notices of authorisation

These notices may only be applied to prescribed water resources.

The Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation has the ability to authorise the taking of water from a prescribed water resource for a particular purpose. This is done by a notice published in the South Australian Government Gazette. Such an authorisation may apply generally throughout the state or in relation to a particular prescribed watercourse or lake, prescribed well, or surface water prescribed area (including stormwater infrastructure). 

A ministerial authorisation is subject to conditions that the Minister sees fit to apply, and which are specified in the notice. The authorisation is not a licence, entitlement or allocation and does not provide the recipient with a property right.

The principles and policies of water allocation plans or conditions on a water licence or other water authorisation may be overridden by a notice of authorisation.

Ministerial authorisations to take water are pursuant to section 128 of the Natural Resources Management Act 2004. To see all of the current and past authorisations that have been declared under section 128, see the legislative history of all water resources.

You can also view all regulations pertaining to prescribed water resource areas  in South Australia.

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