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SA Government response to Natural Resources Committee inquiry into Overabundant and Pest Species

The Natural Resources Committee of Parliament announced an inquiry into the management of overabundant and pest species in South Australia on 27 August 2018. The Terms of Reference of the inquiry were:

  1. Efficacy of existing or novel regulatory, policy and partnering frameworks used to manage overabundant and pest species;
  2. Costs of managing overabundant and pest species;
  3. Impacts of overabundant and pest species on agricultural outputs, environmental values, tourism, road safety, and amenity; and
  4. Any other related matters.

The committee received 41 written submissions to the inquiry, and took evidence from 12 witnesses.

The committee handed down its report in July 2019.

The report highlights the complexity of addressing the impacts caused by both native and invasive species and the importance of facilitating coordinated action by both public and private entities.

The SA Government supports the intent of the report and is taking action to implement many of the recommendations.

A response was prepared collaboratively by the Department for Environment and Water (DEW) and Primary Industries and Regions South Australia (PIRSA), with input from Natural Resources Management boards, which reflects current legislation and government policy.

The State Government has accepted or partially accepted 12 of the 13 recommendations in its response to the Natural Resources Committee’s Inquiry into Overabundant and Pest Species Report.

The SA Government has a continued commitment to improving the knowledge and capacity of land managers, industries and the community to collaboratively manage the impacts of native and invasive species.